London Lab

Sarah E London, PhD

PhD students

Joe Gogola. Joe is interested in the molecular mechanisms of socially mediated learning, and how age and experience can alter their ability to modify neural circuitry and behavior.
** Joe was awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!!! **

Joining us Fall 2018!
Becca Bulter
(from UT-Austin)
Grant Kunzelman (from MSU)

Undergraduate students

Anja Schempf. Anja has been piloting ribosomal capture in the brain.

Marissa Annis. Mariss is starting her Biology Honors project on
neurotrophic factors that regulate mTOR signaling.


Elisa Gores. Elisa is working on genes that regulate synaptic function and inhibitory circuit formation across development.

Huibo Li. Huibo is creating CRISPR constructs and is key for development of our new behavioral paradigms.

Bird Caretaker

Gloria Morelas-Roths.
Gloria takes extraordinarily good care of our birds from hatching to adulthood.

Previous trainees

Somayeh Ahmadiantehrani. Postoctoral Fellow.
Zabdiel Ek-Vazquez.
Post-baccaluareate Research Education Program (PREP) progam student.
Dana Jordan. Bird colony caretaker, now at Shedd Aquarium.
Geoff Brookshire. PhD student based in D. Casasanto's lab
Jen Law. Undergraduate, Senior project, Katen Scholar.
Lynda Lin-Shiu. Undergraduate, Psychology Honors.
Dagny Vaughn. Undergraduate.
Deebika Balu. Postdoctoral Fellow.
Brittany Borden. Masters student. 
David Vanier. Technician.
Maximilian Hawkins. Undergraduate. 
Sylvia Lobo. Undergraduate.
Nikolai Maximay. Undergraduate.
Lucia Enright. Undergraduate, visiting (Notre Dame).
Ambrose Donnelly. Undergraduate, visiting (St. John’s).
Jacob Hehir. Undergraduate.
Shshank Karn. Undergraduate, visiting (Middlebury).
Samuel Dooley. Undergraduate.
Sitara Satish. Undergraduate.
Fasika Zellelew. Undergraduate.
Jenny Lee. Undergraduate.
Catherine Castro. Undergraduate.
Samuel Vexler. Undergraduate.
Sophie Lambert. Undergraduate.
Elizabeth McNally. Undergraduate, visiting (Dartmouth).
Courtney Feller. Undergraduate.
Adam Filipowicz. Undergraduate.
Javier de la Rosa. Undergraduate.
Amanda Dobbyn. Undergraduate.
Will Steinberg. Undergraduate.
Abigail Daum. High School Student.

* thanks to Elisa Gores for the zebra finch photos

Lab members
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Institute for Mind and Biology
Committee on Neurobiology
Committee on Evolutionary Biology
Grossman Institute for Neuroscience,
         Quantitative Biology and Human Behavior

london (at)
office phone: 773.834.4302
lab phone: 773.702.0294